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Whether it’s the safe transport of personnel in high threat destinations or the safeguarding of aircraft, our world-class security operations serve globally mobile people and organizations everywhere in the world.

From our Global Operations Center and in more than 400 cities across 110 countries, our specialists and providers work round the clock providing global intelligence and localized risk assessment to keep personnel, passengers, crew and aircraft safe while in transit.   

Our Security Operations solutions include:

Ground Transportation: Comfort, safety and security, at any location, to an exact schedule

VIP Meet and Greet: A reassuring face and peace of mind in an unfamiliar destination

Special Events Transportation: All aspects of high-profile sporting and entertainment and large scale events strategically coordinated and closely supervised to ensure the safety, security and comfort of the attendees

Aircraft security: Comprehensive pre-departure, en-route and on-the-ground solutions, covering every aspect of aviation security

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Social Unrest

65 of 150 countries around the world are at a “high” or “very high” risk of social unrest. These include the Philippines, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, China & South Africa.

Learn about our Crisis Management Center Source:
Economist Intelligence Unit 2014
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